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 Study says…men want women to do the housework? Oh my!Women doing the house work seems to be as old as history itself. Some women are surprised to learn that after breast augmentation surgery including breast lift and breast reduction there are restrictions on activities including housework. Dr. O’Toole explains that the process of something as simple as vacuuming causes the chest muscles to contract which could cause concern especially if the patient has breast implants. Usually, lifting anything heavier than a gallon of milk is prohibited for the first three weeks. The best case scenario: have the husband or significant other to the housework for the first three weeks following surgery. It may be foreign to them however; it can be just temporary until the patient is recovered. According to the Los Angeles Times a new study says men like women to do all the housework and chores. A researcher claims men relax better if they can put their feet up and let their wives cook and clean.

This new study — from USC — is sure to ignite the ages-old war between the sexes…being waged since men did the hunting and women did the gathering.

The study also revealed another shocker. Women want men to get off their lazy butts and help! Women’s stress levels go down when men help with the chores.


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