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Commuting to work is very much a part of the lives of many in the Los Angeles area. A new study says that commuting could have very bad consequences when it comes to our health.ABC news reported that Swedish researchers surveyed 21,000 workers aged 18 to 65, and those who commuted by car or public transit reported more everyday stress, exhaustion, missed work days and generally poorer health compared to the active commuters, according to the study published Oct. 30 in BMC Public Health. The commuter stress may be easily linked to overall health, but one should also consider the effects on a person’s appearance.  It would stand to reason that people who have long commutes are less likely to exercise, take time to spend on skin care, and eat planned healthy meals.Dr. O’Toole explains to his patients that antiaging and caring for one’s appearance is a lifestyle.  Patients should plan in their schedules for regular medical grade skin care treatments which will help to dramatically reduce the effects of stress on their face.  They should also plan( often times in the same visit) for injectables including Botox and fillers to restore volume to the face and lips.  Patients with busy lifestyles make up much of the plastic surgery market today.  Dr. O’Toole works with his staff to arrange optimal scheduling and realistic recovery times for surgical procedures.  You can maintain a healthy body inside and out even with a stressful commuters lifestyle.


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