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Woman laying on top the tablePregnancy brings about a great deal of anxiety for many women. Worrying about the health of the baby is just one of the thoughts on a pregnant woman’s mind. Dr. O’Toole consults with women after giving birth and many are disappointed with the fact that their bodies have changed considerably. Many complain that their breast have lost volume as well as shape. A breast augmentation using breast implants will help to shape the breast. If there is a component of sagging to the breast a breast lift may be recommended. In most cases, these procedures can be performed together. The recovery time for returning to most activities is about 7 to 10 days. For most women after the stress of pregnancy, breast augmentation is a decision many women are proud to have made. As if pregnant women do not already have enough to worry about a recent study according to ABC7 reported that women who do not sleep on their left side on their last night of pregnancy have double the risk of late stillbirth compared to those women who do sleep on their left side, according to a new study.

Researchers interviewed 155 women in New Zealand who gave birth to a stillborn baby between 2006 and 2009 when they were at least 28 weeks pregnant. They were compared to 310 other women with ongoing pregnancies.

The chance of a baby being stillborn rose to nearly 4 in 1,000 for those who don’t sleep on their left side, compared to nearly 2 in 1,000 for those who do.

Scientists say it may be due to restricted blood flow, but more research is necessary.


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