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Healthy food It will not come as a surprise to many that eating healthy foods can be costly. Fruit and vegetables, because they are perishable, would not cost the same as a product with a shelflife lasting months. It is certainly worth the extra investment not only for your health but also for your appearance. It has been proven that a healthy diet helps to have healthy and more beautiful skin. This in turn helps to ward off premature aging of the face. Dr. O’Toole encourages his patients to use medical grade skincare products and treatments combined with injectables including BOTOX® Cosmetic and fillers to maintain your most youthful appearance. Maintaining the proper diet is the key component for beautiful skin, even if it is at a premium. According to The Los Angeles Times researchers from the University of Washington surveyed 2,001 residents of King County in Washington about their diet and nutrition.

Almost across the board, eating more nutrient-dense foods rather than empty-calorie junk foods came at a hefty price. For every extra 1% of daily calories in the form of added sugar, the consumer saved $25.55 a year. A little more saturated fat cut the annual food bill by a hefty $102.20.

Raising the average respondent’s paltry consumption of fiber just 10% would cost an extra $54.75 a year. Raising potassium intake an extra 10% cost $189.80.

In fact, the study found that for potassium alone, raising the average person’s intake (2,800 mg) to the recommended daily value (3,500 mg) would cost the consumer about $380 more per year. Ouch.


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