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Salt BottleAccording to ABC 7 a new study has found that a low-sodium diet may actually increase the risk of dying from heart attack or stroke, but the findings have generated some controversy.

The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, speculates that low sodium can decrease blood pressure, which might also decrease sensitivity to insulin.

Researchers say this could affect the nervous system and hormones regulating blood pressure and sodium absorption.

However, experts claim the study was flawed. They say it was too small and not representative of the general population.

Scientists also added that many more studies show evidence between high sodium intake and high blood pressure.

It seems as though no matter where you look a new study is published either advocating low salt or other ingredients commonly found in food. The reality is what eat can be a lot easier to control than how it looks on you. Patients tell Dr. O’Toole that they become very frustrated when they are at their ideal body weight yet still have areas with fat that appears to be” stuck on”. Dr. O’Toole recommends liposuction as an excellent solution to give the body better contour and shape. Dr. O’Toole offers both traditional liposuction as well as Smart Lipo  which can be performed in his in office surgical suite. Often the recommendation for which method will work best is specific to the patients and the areas that are being treated.


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