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Woman touching her chinA new study found the trial and error was effective for older adults. This is not the case when it comes to plastic surgery. Dr. O’Toole stresses to his patients especially those who are older that plastic surgery procedures can have many irreversible consequences. Procedures like traditional liposuction or Smart Lipo can seem harmless if patients try the procedures to see if they like the results. The truth is, with an unskilled hand there can be skin irregularities, bumps, and uneven laxity as a result of the procedure being performed poorly. When this is the case the results are often permanent and full correction is unlikely. It is not advisable to rely on trial and error as a plastic surgery patient. According to The Los Angeles Times a study released today in the journal Psychology and Aging found that older people benefited from trial-and-error learning. The research paper encompassed two small studies in which older and younger adults were given a series of memory tests using trial-and-error learning or errorless learning.”The scientific literature has traditionally embraced errorless learning for older adults,” said lead author Andree-Ann Cyr in a news release. “However, our study has shown that if older adults are learning material that is very conceptual, where they can make a meaningful relationship between their errors and the correct information that they are supposed to remember, in those cases the errors can actually be quite beneficial for the learning process.”


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