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Woman sitting on white blockWith the obesity epidemic front and center for so many health focused media outlets, it was big news to see that a recent study actually  pointed to the health benefits of liposuction. According to an online industry article the study was presented at the ASPS meeting in Denver a few weeks back. The study shows for the first time that liposuction patients with high triglyceride levels – a type of fat in the blood — saw a significant reduction in those levels. White blood cell counts dropped, as well. High triglyceride levels and elevated white blood cell counts are associated with a higher risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes. Although this information shows some health benefits, Dr O’Toolecautions patients against believing that liposuction will be a medically necessary procedure and therefore covered under insurance. The procedure  remains cosmetic,at least for now. Dr. O’Toole offers both traditional liposuction and Smart Lipo.  Both methods allow Dr O’Toole to remove unwanted fat in specific targeted areas. Patients need to be fairly close to  their ideal body weight to achieve the best results. Also, patients should understand that ,liposuction is not a weight loss program and that a healthy diet and regular exercise program are necessary to achieve the best long-term results.


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