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Old woman exercisingAs summer approaches there are safety tips for almost every age group. These days, seniors are not the little old grannies that we remember. Dr. O’Toole treats many older patients who are healthy and consider plastic surgery as an opportunity to look as good as they feel. Older patients consider procedures such as facelift, brow lift, and believe it or not even breast augmentation. Just because patients are older it does not mean they are not candidates for plastic surgery.

There are standard medical tests that are required for older patients prior surgery. These tests help to assure that the patient is healthy enough for surgery. Patients of all ages should avoid the sun and its damaging rays. ABC 7 reported “Heat waves actually kill a lot more people than the public really knows, and it kind of sneaks up on you,” said Lisa Klink, American Red Cross. “You think you will be OK out in the sun, then you just overdo it a little bit and it really is pretty dangerous.” Because [seniors are] older, they are more likely to have an underlying condition like heart disease or diabetes. So if they dehydrate from heatstroke, they may be more prone to having illness and death,” said Dr. Oliver T. Brooks.

Lack of air conditioning is the number one reason seniors suffer heat-related illness and death. That’s why it’s best to only do exercises before 9 a.m., or to visit senior centers for the pleasure of company.


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