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People smokingWhile the best method to quit smoking will be continually debated, few will deny the deadly effects of smoking. Dr. O’Toole explains to his patients that smoking can considerably increase the risks associated with plastic surgery. Delayed wound healing can cause concerns such as increased follow-up care, and more visable scars than those of non-smokers. Procedures that require removal and tightening of the skin are more likely to experience delayed wound healing. The procedures include brachioplasty, breast lift, abdominoplasty and facelift. These procedures can have double to triple the recovery time for smokers. Patients who smoke should consider quitting at least three weeks prior to surgery. While admittedly it is difficult to quit, according to The Los Angeles Times text messages often have little informative or higher value — :) , :( , lol, whats up? But some of those that do just might be able to help smokers kick the habit.

In a UK intervention called — what else? — “txt2stop,” 5,800 people trying to quit smoking received either personalized text messages encouraging them to abstain or were part of a control group that received texts unrelated to quitting smoking. Participants were texted five times a day for five weeks, then three times a day for 26 weeks.
Quitters could also text “crave” to the service and receive response texts to distract and support them, such as:

“Cravings last less than 5 minutes on average. To help distract yourself, try sipping a drink slowly until the craving is over.”


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