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I cannot stress enough to my patients the importance of wearing compression garments after a cosmetic procedure. Compression garments may be a slightly uncomfortable and personally irritating at times, but the brief inconvenience will ensure your body heals properly. The garment plays a significant part in promoting and sustaining optimal post-recovery results.

The compression garments play a huge role with swelling reduction after a plastic surgery procedure. My staff will supply you with comfortable support garments after surgery. Our office stocks the top brands to provide patients with the peace of mind that the compression garments will be comfortable and effective. No matter what your body shape is, surgical garments come in a variety of sizes and designs to fit your needs.

Following cosmetic procedures, patients need to wear a compression garment or post- operative garment. It is important that patients are comfortable and that they have the correct fit and compression to aid in the recovery process. These garments are designed to decrease swelling and expel fluids out of your surgical site. Using compression wear can help ease some discomfort and accelerate the healing process so patients can recover faster. A quality garment will apply consistent and constant compression over a prolonged period.

For patients who undergo a liposuction or tummy tuck procedure, a garment is crucial in order to maintain the proper results and prevent fluid from collecting. The compression garment helps guide the skin that is retracted into place. The garment will also play a vital role in tightening the skin, reducing the swelling, and stimulating better blood and fluid circulation. It also helps with unwanted folds or creases by ensuring maximum contraction and even healing of the skin. The fact that the garment must be worn for a minimum of six weeks is a small inconvenience for a lifetime of pleasure.

The garment is also extremely important for breast surgery patients. It is important to wear the bra day and night for the first two weeks. In order to help maintain the new breast shape, I strongly recommend that patients wear their bra or any supportive top when sleeping. All compression garments may be removed before showering, but should otherwise be worn at all times.

It is important to follow the directions provided for the best results. Some garments should be worn continuously for several weeks to months. We recommended that patients purchase two compression garments so one can be worn while the other garment is being washed.

Proper maintenance of your body is critical during the recovery process. It would be a shame to go through the expense and discomfort of a cosmetic procedure and not reap the benefits of a better body because compression garments were not worn. The importance of these post-surgical garments cannot be overstated.