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Person writing at a deskMany people look for solutions to inactivity that is inevitable with a desk type of job. A treadmill that combines a working desk appears to be an excellent solution. According to a recent article in the Orange County Register a growing body of research has found that the chair in the cubicle may be more to blame than the couch for the growing American waistline and resulting health ailments. While sitting, calorie burning plummets, electrical activity drops in the legs and the enzymes that break down fat decrease. One academic report concludes “it is time to consider excessive sitting a serious health hazard.”  The TrekDesk attempts to combine all of the benefits of the treadmill with the necessities of a working desk. For now, customers are mostly professionals and self-employed workers who have the space and permission to utilize the device. Dr. O’Toole is well aware of the fact that most people will not have access to a modified desk with a  treadmill. The overwhelming majority of patients present themselves for a consultation with Dr. O’Toole complaining of extra fat deposits in areas that they had not had present before. For many patients this contour change is not only about excess weight , it is more about the shape of the body and how clothes fit. For some women especially those over the age of 40 who have had children there is a excessive amount of loose and lax skin on the abdomen which can also affect the body contour. For these patients Dr. O’Toole will typically recommend and abdominoplasty combined with liposuction. Dr. O’Toole uses his expert skills to perform liposuction on the love handles and lower back thus creating a svelte and toned looking abdomen. Patients are thrilled with the results mainly because they could never have achieved such dramatic results with exercise or diet alone.


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