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Painting of High HeelsMost women are exposed to thousands of pictures over a lifetime of women with high heels and long legs. It is become one of the standards of beauty. A recent New York Times article looked at the science behind wearing high heels and exposed how damaging it can be. According to the article women who habitually wore high heels walk differently even barefoot than women who primarily wore flats. A study that was performed by researchers on two different groups of women who wore high heels versus women who primarily wore flats found that the women who wore high heels stretched the tendons in their calf muscles regularly. This caused undue stress and ultimately damage to the tendons. The researchers also found that even when women wore flats they still gravitated towards walking as if they had on heels. The conclusion of the researchers was that habitually wearing high heels is damaging to women's legs regardless of whether they are wearing heels at the time or not. Dr. O'Toole finds that often women who meet with him concerning the appearance of their legs are typically striving for leaner longer looking legs. Dr. O'Toole may recommendliposuction to tone and sculpt the legs. Carefully sculpting the outer and inner thighs as well as the area on the back of the thigh underneath the butt can improve the contour of a woman's legs considerably. As an expert, Dr. O'Toole is able to offer both traditional liposuction as well as Smart Lipo to achieve this result.


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