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Aging patients, especially women are at risk of health issues with their thyroid. According to a recent online article people who are using what they think are natural supplements may actually be causing more harm than good.  According to the American Thyroid Association the supplements contain varying amounts of two different kinds of thyroid hormones apparently derived in large part from chopped up animal thyroid glands, says the study’s senior investigator, Victor Bernet, M.D., an endocrinologist at Mayo Clinic in Florida.Self medicating patients should know that  patients must be medically cleared prior to  having plastic surgery and this includes having any signs of thyroid health concerns.  Older patients considering procedures including blepharoplasty and facelift are often unaware of the potential for thyroid  health concerns. Healthy thyroid function is important  for surgery and throughout the recovery. It is imperative that the patient is healthy and at a stable weight.  Patients should, when at all possible have a complete physical within one year of the date planned for surgery.This could  prove valuable for the first consultation where valuable information is gathered to help  make  Dr O’Toole  make the best and most appropriate recommendations for each patient.  Patients who have had a complete medical physical prior to their consultation have an advantage, in that the information that they provide to Dr O’Toole is accurate and current.A history of  thyroid disease alone, in most cases will not prevent a patients from having plastic surgery provided it has been treated by their physician and they are cleared by their physician for plastic  surgery.

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