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Smoking age progressionIt would be difficult to find any positive information concerning the smoking of cigarettes.  Now a new report finds that there is proof tobacco companies knew of the danger from high levels of radiation without disclosing  it to the public. Of course this is disturbing to learn.  Dr. O’Toole informs patients of the increased risk of surgical complications when patients smoke. The risks include delayed wound healing especially with procedures like abdominoplasty and face lift.  There are also other risk including premature aging of the skin, and lines and wrinkles on the lips and mouth.  Dr. O’Toole explains to patients that it is very difficult to treat skin that has been damaged over time by smoking.  Injectables including fillers and Botox will have limited success , but can make a difference.  The key will be for the patient to stop smoking altogether if they want long-lasting results.  According to ABC news all tobacco products on the market today still contain the polonium. In 1980, scientists discovered that a process called “acid washing” removes up to 99 percent of polonium-210 from tobacco. The documents reviewed by UCLA scientists reveal that tobacco companies knew of this technique, but declined to use it to remove the radioactive material from their products.


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