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iPhone 2Who would have thought that kicking the bad habit of smoking would merge with the popularity of social media? USC recently released the results of research which shows that the mobile media applications designed to help people stop smoking really do produce better results than just quitting alone. It is not surprising that the key to success is rooted in the perception of support and social connection. Dr. O’Toole explains to patients that there are many methods to help patients quit smoking prior to surgery. There are increased risks of complications for smokers who are considering plastic surgery. Abdominoplasty, thigh lift, breast lift, and facelift, patients are particularly at risk in part because of the length of the incisions and the tension necessary to hold the incisions together. The risks include but are not limited to delayed wound healing, and less than optimal scarring. It is advised that patients quit smoking at least three weeks prior to surgery and four weeks after surgery. This will help the patient to have a better chance of reducing the associated risk of complications. There is no way of knowing if the patient will be affected; so therefore, patients should be prepared to manage if complications do arise.


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