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Woman modeling 4 posesThe national department store chain H & M recently admitted that they use computer-generated models for their advertising and catalog according to recent online article. According to the article the basis of the decision is that computer generation allows them to create more attractive models. The article raises questions about the perception of women who are purchasing clothes from the retailer when they know that the models who are wearing the clothes are not real. The article questions if this leads to low self-esteem among women. Will women feel that their bodies will never be acceptable or attractive enough to highlight the attributes of a swimsuit? The article raises the question of facial computer enhancements which include higher cheekbones, less wrinkles, and smoother skin. Obviously the article is not in favor of the practice of using the virtual models. Dr. O’Toole has had many conversations with patients denouncing ideas and concepts patients may have about a body, nose, or face that they have seen in a magazine. He makes it a point for them to understand that professional photography was never meant to show imperfections. It is not reality. Dr. O’Toole helps patients understand that if they are considering a rhinoplasty for example, choosing a nose from a magazine is not the best option for achieving the look that they desire. This applies to breast augmentation as well. A photo shoot of a model in a swimsuit, or even a topless model in a magazine does not display breast in a realistic way. Patient should be prepared for Dr. O’Toole’s recommendation which will be based on his thorough examination of the patient, their desires, and their underlying body structure. This is the most effective way to provide a realistic recommendation for patients that will meet, and usually exceed their expectations. This approach has helped Dr. O’Toole remain one of the top plastic surgeons in Southern California for over the past two decades. Realistic recommendations are the best approach for happy and satisfied patients.


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