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For many individuals, one lonesome tattoo soon turns into an addiction. Unfortunately, the desire to have body art does not always last.

Whether the design did not turn out as you expected, it does not fit into your professional lifestyle, or it was acquired during a temporary lapse of judgment, tattoo removal can help you turn regret into nothing more than a vague memory.

Tattoo removal has been performed for years, but it was not always as simple as it is today.

Tattoo removal was once achieved by excising the tattoo with a scalpel or scraping away at the tattoo using dermabrasion or another such technique.

Not only did this form of tattoo removal hurt, but it also resulted in significant scarring.

Laser tattoo removal with the MedLite® C6 laser not only allows you to get past your inked regret but also provides significant improvement with no scarring and minimal pain.

The MedLite® laser can remove new, unwanted tattoos, or it can smooth existing scars from a previous tattoo removal that proved to be unsatisfactory.

Tatto Removal Model

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

MedLite® C6 is a Q-switched Nd: YAG laser that uses multi-wavelengths and photoacoustic technology to target and rupture the pigment from tattoo ink.

This laser uses a flat-top beam of light, meaning that it is delivered evenly across the skin.

When pulsed into the skin, this light causes the pigment to fracture and break into smaller particles, which are eventually absorbed and processed by the body.

What Is Photoacoustic Technology?

Photoacoustic technology means that a Q-switched laser delivers intense beams of energy with shorter pulse durations than most other lasers.

These ultra-fast pulses (delivered in five to 20 nanosecond widths) allow the laser energy to reach pigment in the epidermis and the subcutaneous layers of skin.

This makes it one of the most effective tattoo removal devices on the market. This technology is tough on the tattoo pigment but safe for the surrounding tissues.

Tattoo Removal Model

What Makes the MedLite® C6 Laser Unique?

If there is one downside to most laser treatments today—whether it is laser resurfacing or laser hair removal—is that it is not always appropriate for all skin types and tones.

Cosmetic laser treatments use intense light energies that are absorbed by the skin.

Unfortunately, these beams can sometimes cause an unsatisfactory response in patients with darker skin tones as this absorption can cause a change in the natural pigment of the skin.

The MedLite® C6 laser does not have to worry about this downside. This laser tattoo removal treatment is safe for those with both light and dark skin tones and is useful for a wide range of tattoo pigment colors.

How Is This Treatment Tailored to Me?

There is no regulation on the tattoo process or the inks used.

Since the artist usually mixes tattoo ink themselves, there is no way to way to know how the artist mixed your colors.

Specific tattoo colors are easier to remove than others. Darker colors like black are the most simple to remove. Brighter colors like blue, yellow, and white are much more difficult.

Even though your tattoo may look dark, it may have been mixed using brighter colors, which will make it a more complicated removal process.

In addition to color, the depth of the tattoo also factors into the treatment. The deeper the tattoo, the harder it will be to remove.

What Else Can the MedLite® C6 Laser Treat?

While the MedLite® C6 laser is effective for tattoo removal, it can provide relief for cosmetic concerns. This treatment can minimize hyperpigmentation from sun damage, acne scarring, and wrinkles.
What Can I Expect From My Treatment?
Because everyone’s tattoo is unique, from the shape to the colors to the depth of the tattoo, everyone will require a different number of treatment sessions.

Some patients may see results in two or three sessions; others require upwards of 10 sessions.

Your specific treatment plan and the overall cost of your tattoo removal is dependent on the number of treatment sessions you require.

Have More Questions?

If you are looking for tattoo removal near you or in the Pasadena area, contact Dr. O’Toole by calling (626) 449-8910 or by filling out our online contact form.