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Heavy set womenIt appears as though the measure of what Americans consider fat, or a person’s ideal body weight has changed over the years. According to an article in the Los Angeles Times the average man now weighs 196 pounds; the average woman weighs 160 pounds. Both figures are 20 pounds greater than self-reported weights in 1990. This  is pretty interesting when you figure that those figures are the averages. Men were on average 15 pounds over their ideal weight and women were 22 pounds over their ideal. Much of the steady weight gain that comes with age, say researchers, appears to be the result of weight gain between the Thanksgiving holiday and New Year’s Day (an average of about a pound, though the average is much higher for those who are already obese). the information for this article was obtained based on Gallup poll results. It is glaringly obvious that people do not consider themselves overweight in many of the situations. Dr. O’Toole advises patients in the beginning stages of unwanted weight gain to address it immediately. For weight gain that is targeted and specific rather than overall weight gain patients may elect for cosmetic plastic surgery to help ensure the best results. Most patients complain to Dr. O’Toole that the weight gain occurred as they have gotten older. Dr. O’Toole explains provided they are healthy liposuction is an excellent option for sculpting the body in specific areas. Dr. O’Toole offers stellar results either through traditional liposuction or using office-based liposuction also known as SmartLipo. Areas that respond the best to cosmetic liposuction are the abdomen, lower back, and love handles. Dr. O’Toole is able to sculpt and shape the body for a much more aesthetically pleasing result. Liposuction is a procedure that is heavily dependent upon the skill and expertise of the surgeon. Dr. O’Toole has  decades of experience that  can be seen in the results his patients enjoy.


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