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According to experts, facelift surgery is one of the fastest-growing treatments for men in the world of cosmetic enhancements. Some claim this increase is due to the healthy baby boomer population showing signs of aging and wanting to look as good as they feel. Some claim that it is the growing image-oriented marketplaces driven by social media influencers and a workforce that is staying younger and aesthetically competitive. Others simply want to look like their truest selves again, making minor tweaks and adjustments to return the youth and familiar characteristics that have left their face. 

Man getting face mapped for facelift surgery.

No matter a man’s reasoning, more surgeons are making it clear that a facelift and plastic surgery can be for everyone.  

How Has Facelift Surgery Adjusted to Men’s Cosmetic Needs?

Men who are seeking an extra boost in their physical appearance will be pleased to discover that the modern advancements of facelift surgery have been informed by breakthrough technologies (such as endoscopes) and the development of new techniques to accommodate the demands of men’s ideal aesthetic archetype. Many men are looking for solutions that particularly meet their masculine ideals. Because of this, more surgeons have shifted towards creating more chiseled jawlines, restoring firmer skin, and removing weak lines to give men a more energetic and lively appearance. 

Other aesthetics techniques surgeons are adopting may include a conservative approach to facial refinement, which allows hard edges and sharp contours in the face to avoid looking too feminine.  

What Should Men Look for When Getting a Facelift?

Male facelift surgery is equally as effective as facelift surgery for women and precisely tailored to match masculine aesthetics. Your surgeon should adjust to fit male standards of beauty and aim to facilitate everything you need to make your facelift journey all the more enriching. Men looking for facelifts should exclusively consider board-certified plastic surgeons, as they will have been given the proper training on the latest techniques, safety measures, and regulations regarding male facelift surgery. Surgeons that provide before and after photos of their work are also ideal.  

Men who wish to get a facelift should be focused on finding surgeons who do not just perform facelift surgery but specialize in them. In this way, they can more properly guarantee that their evaluation and procedure plan will be mapped out according to years, if not, decades of expertise. 

What Is the Future of Facelifts and Plastic Surgery for Men?

Many men are looking for a solution to their “turkey neck” or “double-chin” that could have developed from old age, weight gain, or even the stresses of fatherly life. Luckily, modern facelift techniques have integrated neck lift surgery as a combination treatment, making loose and thin skin around the chin easily treatable. Additionally, men are combining their custom-tailored facelifts with chin augmentations to get that perfect chiseled and strong look they’ve always desired.

The future of plastic surgery is just as much male as it is female. As more surgeries become optimized for masculine beauty standards, aging men will be able to enjoy their bodies once again, and middle-aged men will have the opportunity to enjoy their handsomeness at its highest potential. 

Want to Learn More About Facelift Surgery for Men? 

If you would like to learn more about facelift surgery for men in Pasadena, California, contact us at (626) 449-8910 or fill out our online contact form. Dr. O’Toole offers facelift surgery for men, allowing men to enhance their facial appearance for a lifetime.