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It is a simple fact that many young girls start stuffing their bras early in their teenage years to create the look of a shapely bust, and some of those girls even go on to consider breast augmentation later in life. 

Unhappy women looking down her shirt at her breasts, unhappy with their size.

While this is true for a subset of young women, there are other girls and women who develop a very different relationship with their breasts. This is often due to the polar opposite: very large breasts.

While many women with smaller breasts would be happier with a fuller chest, they often do not share the same hatred for their breasts that women with larger chests do. From physical pain to social stigmas, from difficulty exercising to not finding properly fitting clothes to exercise in, and from always looking “heavier” than they actually are, having oversized breasts are more than an annoyance—they are a significant damaging factor to one’s quality of life.

Why Do Some Women Develop Oversized Breasts?

Breasts are the ultimate symbol of femininity. They are a part of a woman’s body that every woman wishes she loved. Unfortunately, a lot of women are always looking at themselves, asking, “well, why do I have small breasts whereas others do not,” or, alternatively, “why did I have to develop such large breasts.”

Sadly, while your physical weight can impact your breasts’ size (and the amount of fatty tissue in the breasts), more of it has to do with genetics. Some women simply have denser and more substantial glandular tissues than others—and this tissue does not respond to weight loss. 

Only a surgical breast procedure can accomplish optimal results. 

What Are the Negatives of Large Breasts?

Social Stigmas

Many women with the genes for large breasts develop them early, some as early as junior high. And as anyone remembering those awkward teenage years can attest, those times are not all peaches and roses. 

Social ridicule is far more common than it should be. For a young girl with larger-than-average breasts, this can become an extreme emotional challenge. And the social comments about breast size do not vanish overnight, leaving many young women “over” the size of their breasts by the time they reach adulthood. 

Physical Pain

Large breasts, whether due to excess glandular or fatty tissue, are heavy. They throw off your balance, affect your posture,  and can even realign your spine. 

This can result in significant back, chest, neck, and breast pain. Unfortunately, for some women, even well-fitting and supportive bras and sports bras are not enough to counteract this imbalance and weight—nor correct the bra divots in their shoulder blades.

Ill-Fitting Clothing

One of the greatest challenges with overly large breasts is their ill-proportion to the rest of the body. 

Off-the-rack clothing sizes are created to fit a particular, balanced body shape. Healthy, fit women with large breasts often do not fit this mold, leaving them with clothes that are either too tight in the breasts or too loose in the waists. 

Difficulty Exercising

Not only is exercise difficult and painful with large breasts, but it is also emotionally taxing. Many women are nervous about their breasts bouncing too much or not being adequately supported.

While some women with this condition exercise in private or wear two sports bras for added support, others choose to avoid physical activity altogether, putting them at greater risk for other health concerns.

How Can Breast Reduction Help Women With Oversized Breasts?

Women with oversized, cumbersome breasts (whether they developed them early or after pregnancy) choose breast reduction to balance their bodies and create the proportionate breast shape they have always wanted. 

Breast reduction surgery removes excess glandular and fatty tissue to mold a smaller and more compact breast shape. This surgery is combined with a breast lift to reverse sagging breasts by elevating the remaining tissue.

Interested in Learning More?

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