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Woman with gray hairThere is no doubt that Americans are living longer. Part of the reason is the improvement in our diets.  A recent study looked at the possibility of certain proteins extending our diets.  It is exciting to note that there is some promising evidence that adding additional proteins to our diets may help us to have a longer life.  As Americans are living longer the reality is it will make even more sense to look as good as you feel for even longer.  Dr. O’Toole stresses to his patients that age alone is not a factor to rule out cosmetic surgery. With the advancements in cosmetic surgery and anesthesia it is no longer believed that patients who are older are at a greater risk than younger patients when having elective plastic surgery. As our nation continues to have what most term as an aging population t is no longer unheard of for older patients to invest in cosmetic plastic surgery.  The most common plastic surgery procedures for older Americans are faceliftblepharoplasty, and brow lift.  It is important for older patients to have realistic expectations and take into account the laxity of their skin.  A great diet is inevitably a plus for long-term results as well as a long life.  According to KTLA  proteins that scientists once thought might hold the key to extending life in humans didn’t seem to affect how long worms or fruit flies survive in a new study. But researchers said the proteins may still play a role in treating the diseases of aging, such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s, so it’s not time to give up hope on them yet.


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