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Man and woman post workoutAccording to The Los Angeles Times when a Mayo researcher developed a $4,000-plus treadmill for desk workers, along came a host of lower-cost, move-while-you-work accessories. Some of the best are reviewed here.You don’t need to be a Mayo Clinic researcher to figure out that being glued to an office chair all day makes people fat, but that’s what it took to start a revolution. A few years ago, the clinic’s Dr. James Levine theorized that raising one’s metabolism through low-level, daylong movement could burn at least as many calories as a conventional workout at the end of an inactive day. He proved it by grafting a treadmill to a desk — his test subjects got healthier and walked off dozens of pounds without breaking a sweat at a 1 mph pace. Naturally, that led to the Levine-designed $4,199 Steelcase Walkstation, followed by a host of lower-cost, move-while-you-work accessories, some of the best of which are reviewed here.

There are no shortages of great ideas for the office  to help to fit a workout into a busy schedule. The bottom line always comes down to how badly the patient desires to lose weight and remain healthy. Working out in the workplace can be a good idea however by itself and may not be enough to obtain the shape the patient may desire. Dr. O’Toole has many different procedures available in his practice. Liposuction is offered both in the traditional tumescent method as well as the new Smart lipo. Patients will begin to see the benefits as they workout at their workstation. Liposuction becomes an option when there  are targeted small areas of fat that the patient cannot seem to get rid of.


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