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Vitamin therapy The common cold is something most of us take for granted as an inevitable part of life. During the warm and balmy summer months we hardly think about it at all. When patients are considering plastic surgery they must be healthy for the best surgical patient experience. Dr. O’Toole explains to patients scheduled for surgery that avoiding even the common cold will help the patient have a better recovery. For example, patients scheduled for a rhinoplasty procedure will find it difficult to breathe after surgery if they have a stuffy nose from a cold. A patient scheduled for abdominoplasty will find it uncomfortable when they sneeze or cough after surgery. The best plan is to get plenty of rest and maintain a healthy diet prior to surgery and hopefully patients will avoid a cold. According to ABC7 battling a cold may be more mental than physical. The placebo, or sugar-pill, effect is a real health effect and in this study, scientists believe it may help you shorten a five-day cold to a three-day one.

To fight a cold, many people will turn to Echinacea, chicken soup, and Vitamin C. The results showed the duration of the cold was shorter and less severe in people taking any pill. And those who believed in Echinacea’s healing properties the most had their cold symptoms reduced by two and a half days.


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