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If you have been married a while it is not uncommon to feel as though you are sick of your spouse. A Los Angeles Times article looks at a study that finds that your marriage could really be affecting your health. According to the article fewer people are getting married, if they do, they are older when they do so. The changing numbers could be a result of more people living together, people staying single and becoming single parents if they so choose.According to the study, married people in general are healthier than unmarried people, however, the gap is narrowing. This is believed to be due to the fact that single men are taking better care of themselves. There is better access to health information for men and perhaps the motivation to improve upon their health does not need to come from their spouse as much as it had to in the past. The results from the study were mixed as far as the  health benefits of marriage are concerned. For psychological issues such as depression, and antisocial behavior especially in males marrying young lessened those conditions. Marriage also prove to be a benefit for patients who were diagnosed with colon cancer. These patients tend to choose more aggressive treatments in order to treat the cancer and therefore had better survival rates. The article largely focused on marriage benefits mostly from a male perspective. In general  men who focus on health are going to do better regardless of their marital status. Dr. O'Toole helps men to understand that their health is directly related to their appearance. The national statistics support the fact that more men are considering plastic surgery. Dr. O'Toole helps his male patients understand that plastic surgery can be an excellent adjunct to a healthy body. Male patients often elect for body procedures including gynecomastia ( for excessive breast tissue) and abdominal liposuction. Dr. O'Toole offers  Smart Lipo in his office based procedure room and many men like this procedure because it can be done without general or IV anesthesia if they are a candidate. The gynecomastia procedure for most men is life changing because many have never taken their shirt off in public, and wardrobe choices have been limited. After the surgery, their self-confidence soars as well as their self-esteem. Men are beginning to understand the benefits of looking their best at every age.


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