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Baby drawingThe beginning of the year predictably has the most number of weight loss ads. The most common resolution is to lose weight for the New Year. But, what about those who have lost the weight and managed to keep weight off? What should their New Year’s resolution be? Believe it or not, many of these patients long to have the ability to have the excess skin and from their body. Dr. O’Toole help patients understand after the success of massive weight loss it is not unusual to have limbs and lax skin on the arms, face, and abdomen. Many of these patients because they had been obese for a long period of time had no idea that the skin would be not only extremely unsightly but also uncomfortable and demoralizing. Patients tell Dr. O’Toole that they still wear a larger size of clothes just to be able to fit the excess skin into their outfits. Needless to say, this can make it difficult to commit to maintaining a stable healthy weight. Dr. O’Toole prepares patients for the reality that the procedures, brachioplasty, facelift, and abdominoplasty are all invasive procedures that require patients to be in good health, and a stable weight and mentally and physically prepared for the recovery process. In most cases, Dr. O’Toole will request the patients staged to the procedures, rather than attempt to have them all performed at the same time. To some patients it seems easier to have the procedures performed in one operation; however, this decision can cause unnecessary complications and risk for most patients. The recovery for each procedure varies slightly, but for most patients the initial recovery time is approximately 10 to 14 days. Patient should be diligent when researching plastic surgeons who are qualified to perform post massive weight loss surgeries. ASPS board-certified plastic surgeons are skilled in both cosmetic as well as reconstructive surgery. Post massive weight loss surgery although it is not covered under insurance is largely reconstructive in that removing excess skin and achieving a desirable result requires specific expertise and skill. Dr. O’Toole has over 25 years of experience providing exceptional service and results to patients with both and cosmetic needs. Although the investment for post massive weight loss surgery can be quite large patients are overwhelmingly satisfied with the results and rarely regain the weight.


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