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Bariatric surgery can allow for significant weight loss in a relatively short period of time. Unfortunately, when you lose large amounts of weight in this way, loose and saggy skin are an unavoidable consequence. Excess skin is difficult to remove through diet and exercise alone, leading many people to look for post-bariatric surgery body contouring procedures to maximize weight loss results.

If you live in or around Los Angeles and are considering a post-bariatric surgery body contouring procedure, please contact Pasadena Cosmetic Surgery or call (626) 689-7800 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Martin O’Toole.

Toning Your Frame

Dr. O’Toole offers advanced body contouring solutions for our post-bariatric surgery patients. Depending on your specific needs, Dr. O’Toole may recommend:

  • Liposuction
  • Tummy tuck
  • Body lift
  • Breast reduction (Male)
  • Breast lift

What options will best restore tone to your frame can be determined during your initial body contouring consultation. We look forward to learning more about your needs and helping you achieve the sculpted and attractive body you deserve.

To schedule your post-bariatric surgery body contouring consultation with our board-certified Los Angeles plastic surgeon, please contact us today. Dr. O’Toole serves Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and surrounding California communities from our safe and comfortable Pasadena location.