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Gynecomastia has a number of more colorful names: Moobs, man-boobs, and he-breasts being among them. But despite the silly nature of these names, gynecomastia is no laughing matter.

Derived from Greek words meaning female-like breasts, gynecomastia is an embarrassing and emasculating condition that many men in the Hollywood area suffer from. If excess fat or glandular tissue in the chest is giving you the appearance of breasts, Hollywood male plastic surgeon Dr. Martin O’Toole would be happy to meet with you to discuss how male breast reduction can help restore a firm and manly look to your upper body.

If you live in or around Hollywood and are suffering from gynecomastia, please contact Pasadena Cosmetic Surgery or call (626) 689-7800 to schedule your consultation with Dr. O’Toole.

Restoring Masculinity

Dr. O’Toole will first need to determine the cause of your gynecomastia before choosing which procedure will best restore masculinity. If excess fatty tissue is to blame, a liposuction procedure is often sufficient to produce a firmer look. However, if glandular tissue is the problem, a more involved procedure will be necessary. In both cases Dr. O’Toole may recommend lifestyle changes such as getting more exercise, eating a well-balanced diet, and refraining from the use of certain drugs and medications to fully enhance your results.

To learn more about treating gynecomastia, please contact our experienced Hollywood plastic surgeon today to schedule a consultation.