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Category: Non-Surgical Procedures

Non-Surgical Treatments to Fight Off Signs of Aging

Posted August 25, 2011

Many people are now seeking less invasive procedures to keep looking young and are delaying the more invasive surgical procedures. BOTOX® Cosmetic and injectable fillers are the most popular “quick fixes”. BOTOX® Cosmetic is injected directly into specific muscles that are causing wrinkles, thereby temporarily relaxing them and smoothing out the unwanted creases. Collagen was […]

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Prescription drug ads; don’t believe the hype

Posted August 23, 2011

Medicine and health care have changed dramatically over the years. The access to medical information has become much easier. Prescription drugs are advertised virtually every where. Prescription drug companies are required to list side effects and warnings to inform consumers. A recent report claimed that they are not completely forthcoming with all of the information. […]

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Do people make poor financial decisions in a stressed stock market?

Posted August 10, 2011

In a shaky financial climate the media tends to focus on consumers financial decisions and label them as either” poor decisions” or “great investments”. It is easy for many to look at cosmetic plastic surgery as a poor financial decision. However, regardless of the economy ,over the years patients repeatedly have reported some of the […]

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Western Europeans live longer than Americans

Posted July 28, 2011

Western EuropeansAmericans waist line appears to finally be catching up to the health statistics. A new report states that Western Europeans are living longer than Americans. This primarily due to obesity. Dr. O’Toole helps his patients to understand that obesity problems accumulate over time. Once a patient is truly obese the options for surgical body contouring are no longer available.

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IV Vitamin therapy could be a solution

Posted July 25, 2011

Vitamin therapy  Vitamins as a means for great health are nothing new. As a matter of fact the industry is worth billions. A new treatment now available allows patients to have an in fusion of vitamins intravenously. The theory is that patients will receive the proper amount of nutrients at one time and feel better. Obviously, if they are feeling better it is likely that they want to look better also. Dr.

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Your cold may be all in your head

Posted July 15, 2011

Vitamin therapy The common cold is something most of us take for granted as an inevitable part of life. During the warm and balmy summer months we hardly think about it at all. When patients are considering plastic surgery they must be healthy for the best surgical patient experience. Dr.

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Text to quit smoking may really help

Posted June 29, 2011

 People smokingWhile the best method to quit smoking will be continually debated, few will deny the deadly effects of smoking. Dr. O’Toole explains to his patients that smoking can considerably increase the risks associated with plastic surgery.

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California No Longer the Skinny State

Posted June 06, 2011

Women wearing white clothes There has long been a perception that Californians are thin and healthy. The truth is the perception is quickly turning into a myth. Outside of the television and movie industries the real world has continued to put on weight. Californians are no longer the exception.

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