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Category: Facelift

What is the Best Age to Get a Facelift?

Posted November 19, 2012

There is no “rite of passage” age to get a facelift. As with most cosmetic surgeries, it is up to you when you want to undergo a facelift. However, there are various factors with this surgery that help determine when the right time is for you to receive this cosmetic procedure. Age, gravity, weight gain, […]

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Face Lift Surgery

Posted October 27, 2012

Age, sun exposure, gravity, and other unavoidable factors play into the look and feel of your skin. As these factors take their toll, your facial skin may start sagging and producing deep creases and wrinkles around your eyes, nose, chin, and neck. This loss of skin elasticity may cause you to appear significantly older than […]

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Top Plastic Surgery Procedures for 2011

Posted March 26, 2012

Even with a slowly recovering economy, cosmetic procedures grew two straight years in a row. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) recently released statistics stating that 13.8 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures (both surgical and minimally-invasive) were performed in the United States in 2011. This is up five percent from last year. In addition […]

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Meryl Streep poster child for speculation

Posted January 09, 2012

In the critical world of Hollywood and leading lady movie roles Meryl Streep dominates the category by carrying the title of working actress. According to a recent Orange County register blog post, she was not so sure that she would be working after 40 years of age. According to the article, Streep shared with the […]

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Best results for facelift are under 50

Posted December 20, 2011

Hollywood celebrities have known what a recent study has just proven. Facial rejuvenation is most appealing when performed early in the aging process. According to a recent newswise article online, younger patients with “early or minimal signs of facial aging” achieve better results and higher satisfaction rates at least a decade after facelift surgery, according […]

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Holiday tips to keep fat off of the hips

Posted December 13, 2011

The holidays are an expected time for family gatherings and unfortunately weight gain. According to recent local article it is not true that the average person gains 5 pounds over the holidays. The reality is it’s closer to only 1 pound. The difference is most people don’t lose it they just keep adding to it. […]

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Last minute gift ideas- skip the drugstore; come see Dr. O’Toole

Posted December 12, 2011

This time of year most of the publications have last-minute gift ideas that include everything from what you can pick up at the drugstore to gift certificates for your favorite restaurants. A recent article in the Los Angeles Times suggested your local drugstore for last-minute stocking stuffers. The suggestions were rather amusing because they included, […]

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High blood glucose not just about diabetes

Posted December 01, 2011

High blood glucose is usually associated with diabetes. A recent study showed that it can also make you look older than your real age. According to a recent Daily News article a new study that found people between the ages of 50 and 70 with high blood glucose looked older than those with lower levels.The results […]

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Avoiding temptation is possible

Posted November 30, 2011

Temptation is something we all struggle with. Avoiding temptation seems more difficult when it is happening to you. According to a recent article in Psychology Todaybeing proactive about avoiding temptation helps us to be much more successful.The article advises that self-control plays a large part in how successful we are at avoiding temptation. One of […]

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