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Category: Dr. Martin O’Toole

Sleeping habits of women entrepreneurs ultimately show on their faces

Posted January 31, 2012

In this economy more and more women have found their financial security in opening their own businesses. While this is the fulfillment of the American dream for many women it does not come without cost. According to recent online article a  study author said“Women business owners can do more to improve their financial security when […]

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Brazilian Blowout must now come with a warning

Posted January 30, 2012

The popular Brazilian blowout product shot to popularity mostly due to celebrity endorsements. A cloud with talk of unsafe chemicals haunted the product for the past year or so. Now the Attorney General has made it official the chemicals are dangerous and customers must be warned. According to recent article in the Orange County Register Attorney […]

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Here we go again – Promises to reduce wrinkles made again!

Posted January 29, 2012

Cosmetic companies have made every effort to attract the baby boomer population with promises to reduce and/or eliminate wrinkles. This promise is enough to cause patients to at least investigate the products. According to a recent Orange County Register blog post a consumer watchdog group wants Neutrogena to curtail its “unsupported” claim that the company’s Rapid Wrinkle Repair […]

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Is your doctor telling the truth about obesity?

Posted January 26, 2012

The obesity epidemic in the United States continues to dominate headlines. A recent Los Angeles Times story raises the question whether or not you can trust your doctor to tell you the truth about your weight. According to the article a doctor who is overweight is less likely to counsel his own patients concerning their […]

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Longer hours could lead to depression

Posted January 25, 2012

Longer hours are part of the economic landscape for most Americans. A recent study in the Los Angeles Times reported that people who worked over 11.5 hours were likely to suffer depression and other illnesses. According to the study,working 11 or more hours a day was associated with a 2.3- to 2.5-fold increased risk of […]

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Flu Season is here, mind your manners and stay well

Posted January 24, 2012

January and February are among the months with the highest risk for contracting the pesky flu. As most people know when it goes untreated it can be not just miserable but deadly. According to a recent Orange County Register article the flu season is made worse by people who do not take it seriously and […]

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Herbs spark sexual desire; True or False?

Posted January 23, 2012

Organic and natural herbs and supplements have mass appeal for those who believe in natural enhancements. Some  products promise to increase sexual desire that makes them even more appealing. According to a recent Los Angeles Times article herbal supplements that promise to increase sexual desire are a hot commodity as we approach Valentine’s Day. According […]

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Federally funded energy healing study gets thumbs down

Posted January 22, 2012

The concept of energy healing goes back thousands of years and is rooted in Asian history. The US government funded a study to determine if energy healing could relieve fatigue felt by breast cancer patients. According to the Los Angeles Times energy healers say they can detect and channel and even manipulate this energy in […]

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Breast implant incisions; should patients insist on a location?

Posted January 19, 2012

Thanks to television and the Internet patients are now bombarded with so much information concerning breast augmentation that it becomes easy to forget that each patient is an individual and that the doctor’s recommendation is based on his thorough examination of the patient. A recent online article attempted to explain to patients the different options […]

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Beware of the drifter

Posted January 18, 2012

For most of us the term drifter conjures up the idea that a person has no home of their own. According to a recent industry article a drifter can also be a cosmetic surgeon with no permanent practice location. According to the article only 21 of our states require licensing and/or accreditation of offices in […]

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