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Category: Breast Augmentation

Will Ibuprofen Increase Bleeding Risks after Breast Augmentation?

Posted April 28, 2016

It has long been believed that ibuprofen and other NSAIDs increased risks of excessive bleeding when taken before or after breast augmentation. However, a new research review published in the April 2016 issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery® has found that not to be the case. In fact, according to researchers, ibuprofen offers a safe and effective alternative to long-term use of more powerful prescription pain medications.

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Where can Breast Implants be Placed?

Posted September 29, 2015

The two most typical breast implant placement options are above the muscles in the chest (subglandular) and below the muscles in the chest (submuscular). Which of these is best for your particular needs will be based on your desires, natural anatomy, and other individual considerations. The best way to learn which is right is by […]

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What is the Ideal Breast Size?

Posted September 10, 2015

Words like ideal are subjective and it is important to remember that the only standard of beauty you need to live up to is your own. If you are unhappy with your breast size, board-certified Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Martin O’Toole would be happy to meet with you free of both charge and obligation to discuss your concerns, your options, and the breast enhancement solutions best suited to help you reach your cosmetic goals.

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Are Silicone Implants Right for Me?

Posted August 25, 2015

Silicone breast implants are able to produce a more natural looking and feeling end result than saline alternatives. Even when placed above the muscles in the chest, silicone breast implants offer a realistic appearance. Many new options – such as gummy bear breast implants – even have the same combination of softness and firmness that marks healthy breast tissue.

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